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A Little History

When Rock and Roll started there was only one radiostation in Europe called Radio Luxemburg, that played the REAL American Rock Music. This was about the only way to hear Jerry Lee, Little Richard etc.

Back then there where only BAD cover versions available in most Countries in Europe. One of the worst experiences back then was to go into a record shop and ask for Jerry Lee Lewis, nobody knew what you were talking about and they tried to sell you Jerry Lewis. With a few exceptions like the Ronnex label (my first 78 by Little Richard was on this label) nothing was available. I found an address in England and that is how I found more real music and found out that other people were like me and loved Rock and Roll. Soon after that I received records from the USA. This was also the point that I "found out" that I was collecting ROCKERS. After I found out that there was an interest in this, also in Holland, I started a magazine early 1964 called Rock/Rockville. Because of lack of time, after a few years other people continued the mag. which kept going well into the 80's. In 1967 still very little was available which is why I started COLLECTOR RECORDS to provide friends and other interested people with the real music. In the same year I started travelling to the USA.

The first few Collector Records releases were experiments and mainly done on acetate and cut individually. 3 EP's and 4 LP's were done. The first real release was Collector Recors 1005 "Ten Long Finger" and pressed in a quantity of 1000 with almost immediately after that a Rockin' piano boogie LP by a guy called Mike King of which I pressed only 300 copies. Both LP's were done with a cover that could be opened completly. The hunger for Rockers was so big back then that a few years later both LP's were bootleged in Germany with a regular cover.

In 1974 I started my own pressing plant and Music pub.co. "All Rock Music". The plant confiscated most of my time in those days so few LP releases saw the light of day. In 1978 I started the now also "Legendary White Label Series" to talk with the words of Collectors all over the World.

More than 300 LP releases were done in the main series and some sub-labels and on the top of that I worked on another 350 plus releases for other people/lables that also used the material that I had found in many cases.

nother project that I did and very much enjoyed in the late 1970's was research in New Zealand and Australia to find small independent 50's/early 60's labels. This resulted in 5 LP's with great Rockin recordings. The series was called "Rock From The Other Side".


We will continue with the release of the GREAT music of my generation but also for new generations. It really feels good to see young cats pick up what is available and even dress like "Rockers from my generation" used to do. Many have hardly seen ORIGINAL 45's from the 50's which sometimes results in questions like "You must have a big imagination to make up all those label name". They don't understand/believe that those records/labels really exist. 100's and even 1000's.

I have visitors here from around the World all year around, listening to great records from my collection and also buying ORIGINAL 45's and 78's from me that I have spare and I can offer to others ranging from very cheap to very expensive, depending on what it is. Originals are a good investment which has been proven through the years.

If I (have to) stop travelling, (probably when I die as I HAVE TO GO from time to time and still discover more material), I still have enough music for release almost indefinitely, including originally unreleased ROCKERS.

I want to thank all people that helped me in the past as well as the ones that still do today.



Cees Klop

Collector Records
We deal in original 1950s singles
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