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Hillbilly Jive With A Boogie Beat
Artist: Various
Title: Hillbilly Jive With A Boogie Beat
CD number: CLCD 2859
Price: $ 13.00/€ 10.00

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# Artist Title
1 Bob Williams Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
2 The Eagles(Vcl.Flash Griner) Wild Wild Man From Tennessee
3 Bill Franklin & The Skyline Boys Off To The Races
4 Sheldon Gibbs & The Arizona Ranch Boys Houn'Dog Boogie
5 Charlie Mackinnon & The Downeasters The Satellite Song
6 Bill Brown & Bill Woods Band You're A Luxury
7 Little Herby It May Be Silly(But Ain't It Fun)
8 Floyd & Lloyd The Armstrong Twins - Alabama Baby
9 Jerry Jericho & Ben Christian Band I'm Ragged But Right
10 T>J>Skero & Sunset Playboys Gold Diggin' Mama
11 Lanky Hank Dawson Catfish Wiggle
12 Ray Wilson The singing Sheriff - Heart Stealer
13 Ray Lunsford Country Pickin'
14 Armstrong Twins Mandolin Boogie
15 Al Kahole & Drinkin' Buddies Regal Boogie
16 The Nettles Sisters & Rodeo Tune Wranglers Beatel Um-Bum
17 Reece Shipley & Rainboy Valley boys Hillbilly Jive With A Boogie Beat
18 Slim Rhodes & The Mountaineers Steel Guitar Rag
19 Chuck Kyles & Excell Country Music Makers I Guess I'm Girl Crazy
20 Joe Stuart Shoot Again Mr.Cupid
21 Charles Wayne & Rattlesnake Ramblers Rockin'Rollin'Rhythm
22 Peachtree Cowboys Peachtree Cowboy
23 Reece Shipley & Rainbow Valley Boys Milt Bucket Boogie
24 Jimmy Settle & Blue Grass Rangers Admitting Defeat
25 Bob Kinney & The Sidekicks The Girls I Left Behind
26 Alton Guyon & Boogie Blues Boys River Road Blues
27 Curley Williams Move A Little Closer
28 Cotton'Pickin' Boogie
29 Gail Daniels Rag Mop
30 The Country Boys Your Turn To Cry
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