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Dynamite Boogies (REAL Boogie Woogie Piano)
Artist: Rob Hoeke, Andre Valkering & Henk Pepping
Title: Dynamite Boogies (REAL Boogie Woogie Piano)
CD number: DSCD 9250
Price: $ 13.00/€ 10.00

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# Artist Title
1 Rob Hoeke Rockin'My Blood Away
2 Rob Hoeke Real Boogie Woogie
3 Andre Valkering Buzzin'Boogie
4 Andre Valkering Chicago Breakdown
5 Andre Valkering Bag O'Blues
6 Andre Valkering The Fives
7 Andre Valkering Trabant Drive
8 Andre Valkering Tacklin' Boogie
9 Andre Valkering Soul Bounce
10 Andre Valkering Take The E-String
11 Andre Valkering D.C.H.Boogie
12 Rob Hoeke Believe Me
13 Rob Hoeke Fine & Steady
14 Henk Pepping Rockin' The Boogie
15 Henk Pepping Wildman Boogie
16 Henk Pepping Boogie Woogie Power
17 Henk Pepping Swinging thing
18 Henk Pepping Boogie Woogie Me
19 Henk Pepping Real Swinging
20 Henk Pepping & Band Spring In April
21 Henk Pepping Whirlin'Boogie
22 Rob Hoeke Saturday Evening Boogie
23 Rob Hoeke Holland Boogie
24 Rob Hoeke Goodbye Boogie
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