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Boppin'Country Billies
Artist: Various
Title: Boppin'Country Billies
CD number: Dixie 5555
Price: $ 13.00/€ 10.00

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# Artist Title
1 Luke Gordon Big New Dance
2 Luke Gordon Goin' Crazy
3 Bob & Cindy Dean Gone For Another
4 Be My Baby,Baby Doll
5 Johnny Sutherland We'll Have A Time,Yes Siree
6 Bill Johnson Lonesome Daddy Blues
7 Bill Stucker I Go On Pretending
8 The Musical-Aires Wildcat Boogie(inst.)
9 Rocking Martin All Because Of You
10 Hoyt Scoggins The Old Chain Gang
11 Hoyt Scoggins What's Tha Price(To Set Me Free)
12 Taylor Porter Sunny Side Of The Mountain
13 Luke Gordon Baby's Gone
14 Luke Gordon What Can You Do ?
15 Eddie Snell I'm Going Down(For The 3rd Time)
16 Eddie Snell Head For The Hills
17 Joe Bryant Pulpwood Blues
18 Joe Bryant A Man Ain't Nothing But A Woman's Slave
19 Johnny Sutherland I'm In Love
20 Ken Clark Ho ! Ho ! Love 'Em Joe
21 Sweet Talking Daddy
22 Bob & Cindy Dean I'm Knocking At The Door(Of Your Heart)
23 Al Petty Steeling The Boogie(Inst.)
24 Rondell Barker Courtin' Under The Moon
25 Lucky Hill I'm Checkin' Out
26 Lucky Hill I'm Missing You
27 Ray Anderson Sputniks And Mutniks
28 Ken Clark Quit Fool(Mama's Lookin')
29 Hoyt Scoggins What's Gonna Happen To This Old World
30 Luke Gordon Going Down The Road
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