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Young And Still Young
Artist: Teddy Redell
Title: Young And Still Young
CD number: CLCD 4470
Price: $ 13.00/€ 10.00

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# Artist Title
1 Knocking On The Backside
2 Before It Began (Shame Shame)
3 Hang Out My Front Door Key
4 El Paso Boogie
5 Study Boogie (Inst.)
6 I Don't Want To Know
7 Going To California Bye Bye Sue
8 Hot Spot Of The Town
9 Practice Boogie (Inst.)
10 My Old Kentucky Home
11 Mississippi Boogie
12 I Might Have Known
13 Urge To City
14 Crazy Arms
15 Coconut Grove (Inst.)
16 Fanny Mae
17 Stirring Gravy (Inst.)
18 Baby, What You Want Me To Do
19 Today I Started Loving You Again
20 Under The Double Eagle
21 Remember Me
22 It Don't Hurt Anymore
23 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
24 Nadine
25 Got You On My Mind
26 Memphis Tennessee (Inst.)
27 Half A Mind To Leave You
28 Last Date
29 Orange Blossom Special
30 We Live In Two Different Worlds
31 I'm Feeling Sorry
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