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Great Rockers From Cincinnati
Artist: Various
Title: Great Rockers From Cincinnati
CD number: CLCD 4417
Price: $ 13.00/€ 10.00

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# Artist Title
1 Orangie Ray Hubbard Just Moved In
2 Pete Nantz & The Rockers Juke Box Pearl
3 Pete Nantz & The Rockers Flip, Flop And Fly
4 Ray Pannington & His Western Rhythm Boys Boogie Woogie Country Girl
5 Greenback Dollar
6 Lee Jones Let It Rain, Let It Rain
7 Ronnie Wethstone & The Wonder Boys Me & My BabyGoin' Rockin' Tonight
8 Ray Pannington & His Western Rhythm Boys They Took The Star Out Of Heaven
9 Chuck Howard Joy Gray
10 Ray Pannington & His Western Rhythm Boys My Steady Baby
11 Starlichters One Way Express
12 Jeff & Charles & Starlight Boys Janet Ann
13 Bobby Van Hook Mama Luce
14 Bobby Van Hook Truck Driver Stomp
15 Orangie Ray Hubbard Is She Sore
16 Bill Watkins Big Guitar
17 Bill Watkins I Got Troubles
18 Nelson Young Rock Old Sputnick
19 Nelson Young Charlie Browns Mule
20 Harvey Hurt Big Dog, Little Dog
21 Ray Moore & The Pioneers Honey Hush
22 Ray Pannington Keep A Movin'
23 Phil Miles One Hand Boogie
24 Ray Pannington A Big Hhunk O'Love
25 Junior Boyer Jenny Jenny
26 Junior Boyer & Ray Pannington St. Louis Bop
27 Ray Pannington & The Cincinnati Gang Billy Jo
28 Jimmy & Cincinnati Gang Splish Splash
29 Jimmy & Cincinnati Gang Streamliner
30 Ray Pannington & The Cincinnati Gang Smooth Operator
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