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Simply Slow Boogie Rockin'  vol. 6
Artist: Various
Title: Simply Slow Boogie Rockin' vol. 6
CD number: CLCD 4499
Price: $ 13.00/€ 10.00

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# Artist Title
1 Rockin' Hi Lows I Need Your Love
2 Julius & The Originals Brand New Man
3 Hank & The Electras Get Lost Baby
4 Get Lost Baby This Life I Live
5 Ronnie Summers Freeze
6 Roy Buchanan After Hours (Inst.)
7 Lonnie Mullins High School Dance
8 Lonnie Mullins Since You've Gone
9 Don West Lovers Lane
10 Billy Lewis Stool Pigeon Baby
11 Bel-Airs Vampire (Inst.)
12 Jimmy Contenta & The Weepers Picture Album Blues
13 Bobby Nolan Lord I'm Lonesome
14 Ron Lee & The Low Notes Come A Little Closer
15 Troyve Key She's Sumpin' Else
16 Bennie Hatfield Forgetting The Blues
17 Wilder Brothers Monaco (Inst.)
18 Rod Barton Rock And Roll Blues
19 Gene Dunlap & The Jokers What Do I Want
20 Rod Barton Skeleton Blues
21 Bill Costa & The Fabulous Rockets Cheatin' Baby
22 Dick Armstrong With Rollins Orch Teen Age Heart
23 Cecil Moore & The Diamondbacks Stuff (Inst.)
24 Ginger Mae Chicken Litte
25 Bob Shippell & The Royals Ruby Be Mine
26 Karen Fellows Searchin
27 Curley Cook & The Versitones Long Road To Nowhere
28 Dan Smith The Cut-Up Walk (Inst.)
29 Billy Benson Baby
30 Dick Glasser Rock And Roll Blues
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