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Artist: Various
Title: ...Stomp...Shake...and...Rock
CD number: CLCD 4502
Price: $ 13.00/€ 10.00

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# Artist Title
1 James Wallis & The Roadrunners Sheet Board Down
2 Jimmy Payne & Dick Barton & The Rebels I Get The Blues
3 Mel Kimbrough Ha,Ha,Hey,Hey
4 Ernie Cole Whatever You Do
5 The Cavaliers Blowin’Smoke
6 Jerry Townsend & James Braxton Combo Cold,Cold Day
7 Bobby Gray Dixie Doodle Dandy
8 George Young Buggin’Baby
9 The Coachmen El Dorado
10 Billy Barnette & The Searchers Stomp,Shake & Twist
11 Otis White & The Hillrockers Shape Up
12 Little Dean & The Twilite Ramblers Honey,Honey,Honey
13 Larry O’Keefe Rolling Stone
14 Randy Hard & The Hi-Lites Beach Baby
15 Larry O’Keefe Had Enough
16 Jessie James & The Odd Balls Confusion
17 The Unknowns Crazy Daisy
18 Sonny Leonard No Doze Blues
19 Don Romano & Bill Clay Orch One Note Rock
20 Hulan Bass Little Bitty Man
21 Grady Scott It’s A Habit Of Mine
22 Carlos Casal, Jr. You’ll Change Your Mind
23 Dale Wehba With The Rebels & The Untouchables Baby
24 The Bonnevilles Swanee River Stomp
25 Jerry Matthews Long,Long,Long
26 Sonny Freeze Welcome To My World
27 Bobby Boyle & The Revenuers I Couldn’t Care Less
28 Jerry Matthews My Little Baby
29 Gar Bacon Pucker Up
30 Frankie Brent No Rock And Roll Here
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