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Jaen-Pierre Bertrand and The Real Boogie Woogie
Artist: Jaen-Pierre Bertrand
Title: Jaen-Pierre Bertrand and The Real Boogie Woogie
CD number: DSCD 9255
Price: $ 13.00/€ 10.00

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# Artist Title
1 Train To Holland
2 Speed Up Boogie
3 Going Faster Now
4 Dancing With The Boogie
5 Concentration On Boogie Woogie
6 Rushing To The Boogie Bar
7 Not Repeating Myself
8 Montgomery Blues
9 Shaking The Keys
10 Dribble The Country Side
11 Monster Marathon Boogie
12 Hymn To Republic
13 Imagination In Boogie Woogie
14 Jumping The Spicey Piano
15 Bar Boogie
16 Killer Boogie Woogie
17 Boogie Woogie Two Ways
18 Maggie
19 (Not My) Dreaming Boogie
20 Let�s Break The Bars
21 Collector�s Boogie Woogie
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