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Transparent Shakin' Rockin' Rhythm
Artist: Various
Title: Transparent Shakin' Rockin' Rhythm
CD number: SLCD 1173
Price: $ 13.00/€ 10.00

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# Artist Title
1 Doc.Bill Joseph & L.Leak I Don't Like It
2 Pete Willis Baby Baby Baby
3 Gene And Wendell Party Time
4 Calvin & Clarence I Don't Know
5 Allen Thomas Blowing My Horn
6 Percy Welch & The House Rockers Back Door Man
7 The Three Tuffs A Man's A Fool
8 The Three-Of-Us & D.Kelley Orch Sugar Jump
9 Joe Louis Johnson & The Coanjos Dance The Boomerang
10 Roland Bennett & Rockin Tore Up
11 Johny Gatewood Love Birds
12 Lee Brown Bobbie Town Boogie
13 Larry & The Rexettes That Ain't All
14 John Sowell & Jack Olsen Orch So Help Me Hannah
15 Joannie Mae Matthews Ooh Wee
16 Hen Gates & The House Rockers Cross Walk (inst.)
17 The Three Tuffs What A Dream
18 John Sowell & Jack Olsen Orch Nightmares
19 Eddie Renae & The Titans Snake Leg
20 The Diaboligues I Need Your Lovin'
21 The Jolly Jax Trio Everything Is A Okay
22 Sweet Root & The Rockinâï&iq Little Wheel
23 Grover Cleveland Knob Knock
24 Percy Wells & The House Rockers Nursery Rhyme Rock
25 Johnny Taylor & The Tabs Dapper Dan
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