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41 Years Collector Records (40 was not enough)
Artist: Various
Title: 41 Years Collector Records (40 was not enough)
CD number: CLCD 4550
Price: $ 13.00/€ 10.00

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# Artist Title
1 Al Hendrix With Jolly Jody & His Go Daddies Ethalene
2 Monty Olive & His Piano Sitting On Top Of The World
3 Roger Wilbanks & The Blue Moon Boys She's Got Another Ride
4 Rufino Zapata & Los Tejanitos Baby I Go Crazy
5 Dixie Rebels Evacuation
6 Tony Senn The King's CominïÃ
7 Avery & The Country Boys Grandpa's Twist
8 Van Walker The Crawl
9 Bobby Lollar & Pete Beaverics Bad Bad Boy
10 Joyce Green Black Cadillac
11 Fred Netherton & The Wildwood Playboys I Can't Get It Off My Mind
12 The Cubs Ram Charger
13 Ricky Morvan & The Fens Little Woman
14 Unknown singer/band Shimmy Shake
15 Wibby Lee & Paul Allen Band Inflation Blues
16 Eddie Taylor & Les Petty Trio Gonna Be Long Gone
17 Dustry Rivers & The Rangers Wheelwright Boogie
18 Ricky Nelson & Bobby Mizzell You Got Me Gone
19 Monty Olive & His Piano Old Black Joe
20 Jr. Thompson Jungle Girl
21 Walt Prater & The Praters Flat River Mail Train
22 Rocky Morgan & The Rockin' Wolf Whistle Baby
23 Johnny Daye & Guitar Jeff & The Creoles Wait A Minute Baby
24 Ricky Morvan & The Fens Bey Bey Baby
25 Dixie Rebels Five Sticks Of Dynamite
26 Gene Wyatt & His Guitar Little Girl
27 John J. Shotgun Weddin'
28 Miss Lois Powell Woo-Ee-Baby
29 Wayne McGinnis,Vocal With Guitar Rock, Roll And Rhythm
30 Wayne McGinnis,Vocal With Guitar Lonesome Rhythm Blues
31 Cyril Scutt Powerhouse Boogie Woogie
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