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Just Think About Rock And Rhythm
Artist: Various
Title: Just Think About Rock And Rhythm
CD number: SLCD 1174
Price: $ 10.00/€ 10.00

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# Artist Title
1 Nyles Jones Your Poodle Dog
2 Clarence Samuelâ� Meet Me
3 Chuck Vallent & Bob Marriott & The Conti Night Train
4 Joy Palmer & Don Manning Orch Daddy, Daddy
5 Ricky Darwin & Bobby Smith Orch Deep In Love
6 Mad Mel Sebastian Pachuco Hop
7 Herb Cooper Ready Miss Betty
8 V-Notes Get A Baby Like Mine
9 Thomas & The Tomcats Drive Drive Drive
10 Jimmy Norman Just To Get To You
11 Big Dolly & Jack Gale Orch Big Bad Dolly
12 Jill Hyde & The Velairs You Are My Sunshine
13 Arvella Gray Deborah
14 Mad Mel Sebastian Raven Hop
15 Thomas & The Tomcats One Day
16 Jim Hyde & The Velairs Hands Off He's Mine
17 Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs Say Yeah
18 Ruth Claire & Kim Martell Trio Peaches
19 Bobby Long Jersey City
20 Big Charles Smith Kim L.
21 Chuck Vallent & Bob Marriott & the Contine I'll Walk The Line
22 Big Dolly & Jack Gale Orch Billy
23 Arvella Gray You Are My Dear
24 Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs Collage Girl
25 Jimmy Norman Green Stamps
26 Larry Allen Larry's Boogie
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