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Primitive Chicks Get Their Slap Bass Kicks
Artist: Various
Title: Primitive Chicks Get Their Slap Bass Kicks
CD number: CLCD 4535
Price: $ 10.00/€ 10.00

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# Artist Title
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8 The Blockbusters Boogie Bop
9 The â�ï&iqu Oh Baby,Whoa Baby,Oh
10 The Melody Maids Harry,Will You Marry Me
11 Jackie Little & Johnny Maddox Orch Hands Off
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13 Jackie Lynn Blevins & Joyce Daul & The Sky Devil Doll
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16 Lois Costello Let Me Be The One
17 Judy & Joyce Rock & Roll Kittens
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22 Houndog & The Kittens Lover Of The Town
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25 Bev Oilar & Joyce Daul & The Skyrockets Sixteen
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29 Cheryl Pool & Irvin Russ band Gunthe
30 Debbie Williams & Williams Family Crazy Jerry
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